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Monday, June 11, 2012

"The Candidate I Buy and Pay for is the BEST": Tales From Normal, Mn; FICTION

Just got the text today from my old friend Herman, the bass fisherman from Normal, Mn. Seems that there was a bunch of fishermen in Betty Lou's coffee shop this afternoon, downing some cool frapachinos due to the heat and all...and there broke out a huge political argument about who was the best political candidate for several offices...the noise got pretty fierce...till one one young buck raised his voice...stood on a table ...and shouted: "The Candidate that I Buy and Pay for is the BEST"..... All at once everyone became still. They recognized the truth of that zealous youngster....and the wisdom seemed pretty homegrown...or at least sounded familiar to some news from Wisconsin....and they got to thinking clearly about the bass fishing for tomorrow....and about larger issues....like how they were going to pay the rent....
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