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Tales from Normal, Mn. Headline News---FICTION

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fishermen looking for BABA certified financial Statement: Tales from Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got the tweet...from the bass fishermen in Normal, Mn. who have been drinking coffee steadily this morning in preparation for Pres. Obama's immigration speech tonight...and one of the men was wildly enthusiastic about the Chinese internet company, Alibaba, with the symbol BABA....yes it was the symbol that was pretty catchy...but he did pause when one of the older bass fishermen asked him how to obtain a certified financial statement for this company...the guys just smiled...then one spoke...."nothing is "certified" in China...its all make believe"....then all the guys laughed...and the subject was dropped...but then in a note to all of my readers...if you find a certified financial statement for a chinese firm....bravo....to you...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Clerics are told to end obsession with dogma...begin compassion..some pushback: Tales from Normal, Mn: FICTION

Well just got the tweet...the Pope has told folks, and bishops too, that the deal is to focus on compassion and not just dogma...but the bishops have had some pushback...and have some concerns that the end of dogma might end their proclivities...but the laity has been enthusiastic...and so it all remains as it was...with the laity, elderly going to church with only the elderly and praying for those who are not there...stay tuned.

Housing Rebound expected after Death: Tales from Normal, Mn. : Fiction

Just got the tweet today...the guys at Betty Lou's Coffee shop in Normal, Mn. were pretty amused to hear that the economic recovery via the housing rebound will occur just after their death..how convenient..stay tuned as I follow this story....

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fox News considers reporting election results before polls open: Tales from Normal, Mn: FICTION

Some pundits are speculating that if Fox News is reporting the results before the polls close..it will be just a hop skip and a jump till they begin reporting the results before the polls open....stay tuned.

Economists excited by Consumer Dreams: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got the tweet...that this very morning at Betty Lou's Coffee Shop in Normal, Mn. a distinguished economist from the Twin Cities, Son Won Upchuk, spoke to the small group of bass fishermen there...where the coffee is double strong and the whipped cream is no extra charge....He began his presentation by saying that no matter how pessimistic voters might be today, and no matter the difficulties that consumers are presented with, there is room for hope....he cited a recent poll that stated that even though consumers have not been purchasing more goods...things..products that make the world work for all of us workers...yet they still have dreams of some day buying things when they can some day afford it...and those dreams, while not formerly the realm of economists, have been duly noted....stay tuned as I follow this story.