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Tales from Normal, Mn. Headline News---FICTION

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shoppers Regain Confidence in Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Well it has been quite a past two years---with employees nationwide losing their jobs and their homes at record rates---but the good news, and maybe the bad news was that folks had panicked and actually saved some of their earnings---yes the saving rate for America had gone up....

Now with the approach of Spring, some good news and maybe bad news----folks have begun to shop again---and not for just remodeling supplies, but for clothing and the other things that make America hum---Even though the revenue from employee earnings has not risen, the shopping has risen----

OOPS. That was what got us in the mess to begin with. I just wondered. I wonder what Herman would say about all this:

I caught him standing up casting for bass and ...yes...it took a while for him to answer his cellphone.

"Shucks Wolfman: quit worrying about the consumer....home prices will decline to where the youngsters today who make $10 an hour can buy them...it might take some time.....but in that meantime, the youngsters can buy some for digital gagets to keep the economy going."

Then he got a bass strike and had to hang up. First things first.
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