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Friday, June 25, 2010

How a Hearing Disability Saved my life during the Spanish Inquisition: Tales from Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Recently while working on the phones, I have been amazed at how large a percentage of seniors have a hearing loss----it is a high percentage. At the same time, as I observe the aging process, I realize that indeed it is wise sometimes not to hear everything----and sometimes it is a very life saver indeed..... To just respond "HUH" rather than go into an issue.

While pondering this, I was amused to research back to a famous phrase of mine "Yo no Comprehendo"----that is what my ESL students would say when I was teaching them. It is a phrase that I have never forgotten.

I would imagine that during the Spanish Inquisiton, when faced with a tormenting question, the life saving response would be.... "Yo no comprehendo."
I do not understand...I do not hear....I do not choose to hear".

In a larger sense, this whole historical period might be called the "Yo No Comprehendo" Period. Not as catchy as the Renaissance, or the Baroque, or Medieval period....but make a pledge right now to spread the word...."Yo no comprehendo".
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