Tales From Normal, Mn.--FICTION

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Tales from Normal, Mn. Headline News---FICTION

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mulitmillionaire, 99 Yr old deaf and blind hotel guest charged with assault in Midtown Normal, Mn.,: Hotel:Tales From Normal, Mn FICTION

The hotel has issued a press release that safety of the guests is of paramount importance so they are beginning to gather the details of this incident. I will keep you updated with the latest.

Monday, May 23, 2011

City approves Rambo motif for citizens: AK47 concealed approved for all but church use: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Patriots all over the nation celebrated today when the legislature of Normal, Mn. approved the concealed carry for AK47 within city limits with the exception of Church use. Freedom loving citizens mentioned in interviews that this is what our Founding Fathers fought for.

Stay tuned as I develop this story.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eliminating Sick Leave transforms Normal, Mn.: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

In one dramatic act recently, the governor of Normal, Mn. signed a bill to eliminate sick leave for all public employees----and presto the health of citizens all over this beloved state dramatically improved.

Rather than stay home when sick, and call their physicians, employees boldly came to work and spread their infections all over this fair land---soon many more people were out sick, and the loss of all those wages created quite a cost saving to their employers, at least according to the cost accounting department, which was staffed by temporaries from a temp firm. Their observations were temporary and not certified for this article, but even though temporary, they were certainly as permanent counsel as is usual these days.

Armed Citizens attend Legislative Hearing urging for concealed Carry: Tales From Normal, Mn: FiICTION

Gun toting citizens with quite fashionable suitcoats that hid their guns, attended a legislative hearing lately and urged legislators to approve Concealed Carry as a natural born right of USA citizens.

The spoke quietly, but pointed to their guns. Enough said. Solid patriots every one of them, defiantly resisting to unload their ammo at the door. Stay tuned.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Car Thief Pleads "Not Guilty": Says Agreed on Car Value, Disagreed on "Jurisdiction": Tales From Normal, Mn: FICTION

In an unusual move today, in municipal court in Normal, Mn., a car thief admitted that he stole the victims car, but plead "not guilty" since both he and the victim agreed what a wonderful car it was, but just differed over the "juristiction."

Miss Toosie plans special "Peace Luncheon."; Tales From Normal, Mn: FICTION

Miss Toosie, celebrated octogenarian of Normal, Mn., announced today that she is holding a special "Peace luncheon" next Monday at the local Masonic Temple.

She noted in her invitation to all distinguished leaders of Normal, Mn that she has been going to meetings all over the state where the subject of intergovernmental agreements has been discussed. In Waukesha, Wi there was a wonderful lucheon where the menu was an unusual deep dish pizza entre. And of course one cannot forget the meeting in LaCrosse, Wisconsin where tuna salad was served with unlimited beer as the beverage.

When asked about the menu for the meeting on Monday, Miss Toosie just indicated that it will be of the highest quality, but will be a surprise.

Normal, Mn. wins Award for Best City designed after a Septic System: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

City fathers of Normal, Mn. were beaming with pride today as they held a special luncheon in honor of winning the nationally coveted award for the Best City designed after a Septic System, sometimes knows as the BCSS or the shortened version, BS Award.

The Council President in his carefully chosen remarks, indicated that
"We have a big septic system...and it is our divine mission to fulfill our mission."