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Tales from Normal, Mn. Headline News---FICTION

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Church converts to Real Estate Development: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got the shocking news today, via twitter from the guys at Betty Lou's Coffee Shop of Normal, Mn---the Order of Perpetual Fishermen just announced that their extensive priory on the outskirts of Normal, Mn. will be converted to a real estate development...one reporter asked how much of a physical effort it would be to make the conversion...and he was reassured that there will be an easy conversion since the two entities really operate pretty much the same anyway. nice..

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bass Fishermen joyful with First Lady's message for Wisconsin: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got a tweet this morning--the guys at Betty Lou's Coffee Shop in Normal,Minn where they gather each morn for double strong coffee and no extra charge for whipped cream....were excited this morning with the the news that Michelle, our First Lady in the White House, had visited citizens in Wisconsin...and had a special message for them: DRINK WATER.....How special is that? The first word got their attention...and then the second word stunned them....anyway...the guys just loved it...the folks in Wisconsin are still trying to understand it...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gift of Hearing Aids Accepted by Local School Board: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got the text this morning...according to the guys at Betty Lou's Coffee Shop..where all the coffee is double strong and the whipped cream is no extra charge...the school board received an anon gift of 14 full featured hearing aids at NO CHARGE from a very notable national chain... The school board was a little bewildered about the gift...yes they had recently held their fourth listening session about various topics that had been voted on numerous times by the previous boards---on 4K, on debt, on school building etc, and each time they had persisted on disregarding the result...the board wondered if the hearing aids would help...stay tuned as I follow this story.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Expectations Exceeded: Failure Rampant: Citizens calm; Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got the text today from the school district in Normal, MN., and it seems that 90% of the students failed to meet the state educational standards...but the school officials were very relieved and pleased that the results were not 99% failure which is what they were expecting...and in general they were making plans to go ahead and build another new sports complex that should motivate students to perform better in sports and maybe a little carry over to the classroom....maybe...stay tuned as I follow this story.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

After 100 consultants the results are still "unconclusive" in Normal, Mn. Schools: Tales From Normal, Mn .: FICTION

Just got the startling text this evening from Normal, Mn---it seems that even though the Normal, Mn. School District has been hiring consultants diligently for the past 50 years, they have been unable to reach a synthesis on how to proceed....now there has been some concern that the consultants have been charging too much and are related to the administrative personnel...but still...after fifty years or so of consultation one would think that something would result...the only thing the 100 consultants have agreed on over the past 50 years is that it was those darn private schools and those vouchers that were causing all the problems.

Leader suggests settling disputes...bare chested..on horseback, white stallions---alternative to nuclear: Tales from Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got the text today...the guys at Betty Lou's coffee shop in Normal, Mn. had some time on their hands this morning since there was heavy fog and they could not get out to fish for bass till later in the day...so they spent some time over coffee, double strong, extra sugar, and no extra charge for whipped cream, to devise a way to save the world---and since a certain foreign leader likes to posture on white stallions, they devised a nice way to settle disputes...I will follow this story as it evolves.

They just love education: They are studying Beer brewing every Wednesday: Forever till they get it right: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got the text today from Normal, Mn. that the guys are still standing tall and meeting for the 25th straight year on Wednesday nights at the Loose Goose Motel, in the meeting room with the deer strung up on the wall...right across from the registration lobby....and after a long night of tasting beer, to a man they proclaimed their love of education and the art of brewing...and are dedicated to meet every week forever for their educational sessions...."Education is wonderful" they all exclaimed. But it takes dedication and practice...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Agendas NOT being prepared in order to save paper: Tales from Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got the note today that the Normal, Mn. School District has decided not to print agendas for their school board meetings because they want to save paper expense...and besides...not having board members or the public informed about the decisions seems to make the meetings go quicker...they just nod and vote...real efficient like...stay tuned as I follow this story.

Football Team Victory 100-1 brings Disappointment: Changes: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Just got the text this morn...seems that up in Normal, Mn. they had what most folks considered an impressive victory over a small school opponent and won 100-1...Still the coaches insisted that they could have done better...and after a long all night session reviewing each play, along with some cheap beer...they staggered out of the study session at seven am vowing to make big changes the next week....The hits were going to be harder...the score bigger...and next week they might even need a bit more beer during the study session. Stay tuned as I follow this story.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Great Time to buy a new car and one that matches the paper box you live in: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Folks are not buying homes...folks are not buying from the retail chains...folks are not buying bling...but they are buying cars...and it remains to be seen whether these are cars to be lived in...cause the cars they are buying are very well equipped...the conclusion I make is that they are either the very wealthy or else they are planning to live in them...and colors that match paper boxes are best...you make the call.