Tales From Normal, Mn.--FICTION

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Tales from Normal, Mn. Headline News---FICTION

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Propane Dealers Explain: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

Two local propane dealers stopped in yesterday at Betty Lou's Coffee Shop in Normal, Mn, and over a double strong coffee, lots of sugar, and whipped cream, explained to the stunned bystanders that we live in the greatest nation in the world, and due to the fine determination of business ventures in the field of fracking, there has been a ton of production of natural gas, and in fact we have so much natural gas we don't know what to do with it and have to waste some by burning it at the wellhead, and ...due to our abundance of natural gas, the prices have gone sky high...up from $2.00 a unit to over $5.50....and that while some middle class homeowners have to go without heat because they cannot pay for it, the poor can apply for assistance and get relief...and besides if those middle class folks do not like it, they can sell their homes.....the guys were pretty stunned by his talk....
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