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Tales from Normal, Mn. Headline News---FICTION

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bass Fishermen Love Lots of CASH on the Table: Tales from Normal, Mn: FICTION

Just got the tweet this morning...the bass fishermen were glued to the black and white tv that hangs above the counter at Betty Lou's Coffee Shop in Normal, Mn as the stock market news flashed nonstop all morning long covering the plunging US stock market....one pundit expecially got their interest...he was a large multi-billion dollar fund manager that reminded investors that over the long term, cash was a bad investment since it left "lots of cash on the table." The bass fisherman to a man just smiled....finally one spoke up..."Having lots of cash on the table is just fine with me"....and besides he said, "long term is just this afternoon when you get to my age."
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