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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Cheap Gasoline Christmas...simplified: Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION

The bass fishermen at Betty Lou's were pretty excited this morning...they had just heard that the falling price of gasoline at the pump was going to be their Xmas present this Xmas...and that it amounted to QE4, and trillions for the economy....It was just their first cup of coffee...and yes they might have been a bit rusty...but to a man they whipped out their phones and did the numbers...one guy led them..."If we were as successful as Warren Buffett and drove 5000 miles a year, and saved .50 per gallon and got 30 miles to the gallon...it would amount to something over $80 per year to each man...so they began to think of how they could break it down monthly and how they would spend the $6.66 per month that was the bonanza of cheap oil...and one by one...they decided that the best thing would be to just buy some extra minnows for bait, and forget the shopping...since it is pretty hard to find something good for $6.66...
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