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Tales from Normal, Mn. Headline News---FICTION

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa Comes to Normal, Mn. EVERYDAY till Christmas: Tales From Normal, Mn.:FICTION

Wonderful news from Normal, Mn. via text this morning...it seems that Santa had come to town with his sleigh all the way from the North Pole on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but the kids in town had been too busy with other things, like football, hockey and their iphones and ...well...forgot to get downtown to see Santa....

So Santa has decided to make the trip to Normal, Mn. each and everyday till Christmas just to make darn sure that every child in Normal, Mn. has a chance to visit the wonderful local mall and tell Santa personally in the presence of his or her parents just what must be purchasedt for Christmas..

Stay tuned. It sure is a lot of commute time for Santa, but one does have to admire the committment.
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