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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Serenity Requires Balance between Sex and Politics; Tales From Normal, Mn.: FICTION"

Just got the text from the guys at the coffee shop in Normal, Mn...Betty Lou's---and there is a book signing today from a famous author that wrote on the power of "Every Sacred Moment" of our lives....now his follow up book "Balance Matters" touts that for all, and especially those in military service, there is a required balance between "Sex" and "Politics". This book was rushed into production over this past weekend due to events unfolding, and the book indeed does not specify whether a balance is needed between marital and extra-marital sex. That is left up to the reader....The first copies of the book have been snapped up by our Congressmen who have been totally blindsided by the recent sex scandals to the extent that they cannot think deeply about such things as the "fiscal cliff" or...anything for that matter...the financial things are on the back burner till all the details about sex are reviewed,....and reviewed...and reviewed....Seems that over the past four years, the "balance" had swung so far to the politics end of the proper living model, that we need nonstop sex scandal for months to come in order to get the proper peace of mind. Stay tuned.
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