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Tales from Normal, Mn. Headline News---FICTION

Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Year PHd Program Launched in Normal, MN.: Tales From Normal, FICTION

Totally streamlined is the word of the day---all the bull, and non tech has been removed from the traditional PHd program, and the result is truly stunning, according to local pundits at the Normal, Mn. Community College. The Complete two year program can be fully financed including living expenses, at the local Credit Union in Normal, Mn.. Living expenses are pretty low, expecially since all the locals like to do a little fishing every day--yes you do have to worry about the mercury level affecting your studies, but look at it this way...ya won't be worried to death about the expenses.... The Normal, Mn. Community College is located next to the Billy Bob Bait Shop in Normal, Mn., and is a proud member of the local chamber of Commerce. You can find the trustees each morning having coffee at Betty Lou's Coffee Shop in downtown Normal. Laptop computers are available to register online at the coffee shop, and the locals can help you with any questions. Full time students are elegible for bait credit that can cut your fishing bait costs up to 50% per year. Be sure to ask for details.
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